Pay to Date

Now you can avoid rejection and wasting time on traditional adult dating sites, just pay to date a gorgeous woman or man near you.


ProDate is a unique and lists great looking men and women that will go the extra mile to look hot for you.


If you want a date for a dinner, drinks, social gatherings or companionship, consider paying to enjoy a new experience.







Browse profiles in your city and either send a message requesting to chat or contact the date directly if they have listed their number.


You can chat directly via our messenger service and get to know your prospective date, then decide on a location and time to meet that suits you both.



Once you have agreed upon a fee, you will be expected to make payment discreetly in cash at the time of arrival.


Please respect this simple process and pay like a gentleman or lady at the start of the date.  


Remember the date has gone to the effort of taking their time to look good for you, and is committing their time to your experience, so get the evening off to the right start by thanking them with your part of the deal.




ProDate has just launched internationally after a trial run in South Africa.


ProDate is currently available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa, with more countries and cities coming soon.


ProDate adds new men and women every week and is accepting requests for new cities.


ProDate is still in its infancy but aims to expand quickly in the next 6 months and become the #1 adult dating site online.


For more information or to get in touch, use the contact form.


Happy dating!