Women Seeking Men

Women Seeking Men

Let’s face it there are a ton of men seeking women for dates or hookups and the sort, but how many sites cater to women seeking men?

If you’re a man looking to have a great date with someone special, a good idea is to search for women seeking men. 

Guys forget that women also want to meet someone special or have a mini-escape from their day-to-day lives and are actively seeking men.

At ProDate we list hundreds of women who are seeking men that are willing to pay for their time and companionship. 


What countries do we cover?

We offer dates in the following countries:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. South Africa

ProDate is growing at a rapid pace and we add new women daily.

In the coming months we will start expanding our service to more international locations so you can find great dates around the world with one easy to use site. 

If you need a date for dinner, drinks or simple companionship, there are plenty great ladies on ProDate waiting to hear from you.

In the last month alone we have added hundreds of new ladies around the world and there will be hundreds more to come.



The majority of our stunning ladies are based in the US with New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas amongst the most popular destinations for hot ladies looking for generous men.

Finding a woman near you in the States is as easy as choosing a location and browsing the local listings near you.

At ProDate we have hundreds of women seeking men in the US with more joining daily.



London especially is a top destination for classy ladies looking for men to date or join for dinners, drinks and functions etc. In fact we have dedicated an entire page to women seeking men in the UK.

With new cities added weekly the UK is our second most popular destination. The UK ladies also know how to look great and have a tremendously refined sense of style.

Check out our UK listings for more information by editing the location settings in the menu on the top right of the page.


More WSM Sites

If you’re looking for men women seeking men sites then here are three top recommendations for you to find local ladies looking for men like you.


The popular classified site has listings for women seeking men and you can access the listings here. You’ll need to sort through a large number of ladies as there is no editing or quality control per say as offered by ProDate.


Many ladies use classified ad sites to post listing looking for men and you can access their listings directly here. As with Craigslist you’re going to have to do the leg work and sort through large numbers of undesirables to find nice ladies, makes sense to use our service instead, but it’s another option for you.


POF stands for “Plenty of Fish” and they offer local listings for ladies seeking men. They accept anyone who is willing to pay them for a listing so as with the sites above, the quality is hit or miss.


ProDate FAQ’s

Here are the most common questions we receive at ProDate in regards to our service, please email us if you have any other questions not covered here.


How much does it cost?

ProDate is free to use for buyers and sellers of dates. 

In the US the average cost of a date is around $250 but this differs from location. 

For example dates are typically less in the Mid-West than what they are in the US.


What ages are the women?

The majority of women looking for dates on ProDate are in the 20-30 bracket. 

I assume this is because these are more active dating years and most women have settled down after 40. 

We do however have a few cougars on the site 🙂 


What do women like to do on dates?

A large percentage of women on this site like to enjoy a good meal and a glass of wine on a date. 

Who doesn’t like great food after all?

If you’re stuck for dating ideas a good restaurant or cocktail bar seems to be a surefire win. 

You can also check out Timeout for the best things to do by city. 

Getting to know each other over a meal or drink is an easy way to break the ice.


What type of men do women want?

Women want men who can provide adventure and humour in their lives. They love guys who enjoy travelling and are up for a fun night out, especially the women on ProDate. 

Our ladies are open-minded and are looking for adventure, so don’t be that boring guy who wants to go to a movie, try inject a little more creativity into your date and you’ll surely have a happy ending. 


How do I get a date?

Getting a date oaths site could not be easier. 

Find the right lady for you, chat via our messenger or give her a call if her number is listed. 

This is a great way to ask any questions you may have before the date. 

Remember you are getting in touch with women who want to date you, so be yourself and don’t be shy.


How do I pay for a date?

The simplest way to pay for your date is in cash when you meet. No need to be obvious, a discreet envelope does the trick. 

Some ladies also accept payment via the various money transfer apps available. 

You can use wallets like or Paypal too.



Browse women seeking men in your area and reach out via chat or telephone calls. 

Ladies are looking for men like you who appreciate the time and effort it requires to get ready for a date, so paying them is a win win for everyone. 

Paid dating is the fastest and most convenient way to date and we add new ladies daily, so check back often and enjoy the dating revolution.

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