UK Women Seeking Men

UK Women Seeking Men

If you’re a man living in or travelling to the UK then you should be happy to know there are plenty women seeking men here, especially in London. 

ProDate recently launched in the UK and already our numbers have grown to represent a great selection of English ladies. 


What City is Most Popular?

London is of course the most popular as it’s not only the biggest UK city, it’s also the cultural melting pot of Europe. 

The majority of our ladies are looking for men in London and always enjoy a night out at one of the fine restaurants or nightspots. 

The ladies represent the ethnicity of London and comprise a combination of local UK lasses, eastern block stunners and a few ladies from Asia. 


How does Paid Dating Work?

The ladies seeking men in London are looking for a generous man who appreciates the time and effort it takes to get ready for and go on a date. 

They want a generous man who is willing to show his appreciation with a little financial love. 

To arrange a date with one of these dine ladies simply browse the local UK listings, find a suitable lady and enter into an online chat or call her directly. 

Once you have decided where to meet simply pay the date fee discreetly on arrival. 

Paid dating is the easiest and fastest way to find a great lady looking for men like you. 


Can I customise my search?

Yes of course. 

Simply click the icon in the top right corner and you can choose to search by your preferred body type and location. 

This is the easiest way to find ladies in your area or a location where you may be visiting or traveling to on business. 


What am I paying for?

You are paying to get a guaranteed date with sexy women seeking men. 

You are paying for the time and companionship of the lady you are dating. 

Nothing more is implied and you are certainly not paying for any sexual favours, that would be illegal, but like with any date if the night takes you there then what happens between two consenting adults as far as we are concerned is your business. 


Is ProDate free?


You can join instantly and browse ladies in our 5 featured countries worldwide, not just the UK. 

ProDate is especially popular in the USA with hundreds of women already signed up. 

The UK is growing weekly and before long it will be the most popular platform for women seeking men to find their Mr Right. 



It’s never been easier to find ladies looking for men in the UK.

Paid dating is the fastest way to connect and the future of dating. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here to help. 

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