Top 10 Sex Topics Women Discuss


In a BuzzFeed community a user asked what sex topics women speak about.

I think men will find this interesting too.


1 – When you FINALLY have an orgasm with your new squeeze. FINALLY.

Men talk about that too. It’s normally after the first time.


2 – When you honestly would rather have skipped foreplay.

There should be a universal word for this. Men are happy to skip foreplay whenever you are. In fact, we only do it for you. Or so we believe.

Use any command to skip this, “I want you inside me, or purple feather”, we’re not fussy.


3 – When you hook up with someone whose desires are…unconventional.

I think you should keep an open mind J


4 – When you humblebrag about the UTI you got from all the marathon sex you had last weekend.

You’re awesome.


5 – When you’re really excited to tell your friend about a recent hookup and then realize you’re in the grocery store and there are children around.



6 – When you’re so horny you could hump a tree.

We’re like that 24×7. Welcome to the club.


7 – When you want to know if other people do that same thing you do.

Maybe not but don’t let that stop you.


8 – When you have “thoughts” about anal.

Your call.


9 – If the sex was bad. Like, really bad.

Yes, we don’t like that either. Participation is preferred. We will complete the act regardless out of respect, but an active partner is the way forward.


10 – When you talk about how you ~think~ someone’s going to be in bed based on completely unrelated characteristics.

Need more info.

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