The Misconceptions of a high-priced escort

Most escorts are extremely strong-minded individuals, striving for fortune and fame.

It is stereotypically stated that escorts are classified as low-class prostitutes but in fact they are the exact opposite.

Not all Escorts are Julia Roberts or streetwalkers, there are tons of misconceptions about what it is like to be an escort.

Although 77% of men are fascinated by the idea, they never truly understand the personal side.
It is a terrifying yet exciting industry because you never really know who you are about to mingle with especially because of society’s misrepresentations.

One of the most insulting misconceptions is that escorts are degrading womankind.

Portrayals of the industry in media and film industry are highly inaccurate most of the time, which fuels misguided public perception of the word ‘prostitute’.

Another common misconception is that the job is dirty and that only desperate people with no options become sex workers. As well as only freaks and creeps seek out the services of call girls.

Escorts and their clients are typical, normal, everyday people you wouldn’t be able to pick out in the streets. For individuals who enjoy sex and making personal connections, sex work is a perfectly fine way of earning a living.

It’s safe, everyone is clean, and on a day-to-day basis it’s not much different from any other job. The customers themselves come from all backgrounds and all walks of life as well.

Many sex workers are University educated, in loving stable relationships, have and care for families, and represent other qualities of a typical normal life.

They say that sex work is lazy and easy but in fact It is far from that, they generally work a 12 -14 hour shift each day, during this time they juggle their studies and other professions, constantly keeping an image for themselves. Others just enjoy the power that comes with the profession.

People assume that escorts are here to pick up unwanted scraps of men who can’t get laid by traditional methods, isn’t that just funny?

The typical escort client is married in his 40s or 50s, and the vast majority are happily married. When it comes to assumptions, everyone likes to think “not my husband” or “not my father,” but hiring escorts is very common with normal, well-adjusted stable married men.

There are so many degrading comments that the public seems to portray; “She must have daddy issues” or “She must be a drug addict’, All of these are real comments I’ve heard online or in person.

The notion that their profession is a last resort for a broken, uneducated woman with a drug habit is a disgrace to the range of people who choose to be sex workers. It’s dehumanising and allows the continued violence and social stigma against escorts to increase drastically.

Keeping this industry on the downlow allows an unfair power balance in the hands of the law and clients who mean nothing but harm. Escorts ARE human beings who choose to provide for themselves. It is the same as running a one-man business.

You have bills to pay!

And there’s ladies who hope to one day meet a client who’ll marry them…..

Seeing that many escorts job descriptions are exactly what the name implies; they escort men often to social events and provide them with female company. It is not always about the sex.

What male doesn’t enjoy spending time in the company of beautiful woman?

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