The Best Strip Club in Cape Town

Mavericks Cape Town Strip Club

Millions of travelers visit the beautiful city of Cape Town yearly – ranked Top 10 in the world!

Thousands of these traveler’s ask one very important question…

Which strip club is the best in Cape Town?

Before I give you the answer to this locally accepted fact, I’ll give you a few benefits they offer.

1. Girls from around the world

2. Two VIP Rooms

3. Three Floors of Ladies

4. In Cape Town city bowl

5. Ads seen flying over Cape Town daily


Now if you’re a local you’ll instantly know the answer to this question.

For all you travelers visiting Cape Town the answer is…

Mavericks is the best strip club in Cape Town!

No other strip clubs even come close.


In my opinion a good strip club has to offer a few very important features.

First of course is selection of hot ladies to entertain, dazzle and create lustful desire 🙂

That’s just the way it is.

Nobody needs to be looking at some large girl in dungarees with a missing tooth and droopy boob issues.

Leave that shit to the truckers. 

I want a variety of all colours and tasteful shapes, engaging eyes and tits to make a grown man cry.

And of course, girls that love their jobs!


Now I’ve searched high and low because market research is important, and there is no strip club in Cape Town as good as Mavericks.

The industry girls all know this and where the money is, the hot girls go.

With a convenient location in Cape Town, close to hotels and nightlife, Mavericks is ideally located.


So, the next time you’re looking for a little skin play before or after drinks, you know where to go.

The club is not like The Grand in Jhb who serves dinner too, it is a traditional Gentleman’s Club Setup.


There are two entrance types, standard and VIP.

VIP costs R300 and includes access to all areas of the club, including the lounge at the top and library tucked away bottom right.


An interesting tit bit, at around midnight, all ladies parade through the club topless.

This can be seen as degrading in the “cattle run” mentality, but it’s still cool 🙂

Picture about 40 ladies walking in single file from the bottom floor, up and through all VIP rooms.

A great way to preview the lovely ladies on offer.

Enjoy guys…

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