The Benefits of Paid Dating

Benefits of Paid Dating

Is Paid Dating The Future?

Life boils down to two very important things, Time and Money.

The most important in our opinion is money…just kidding, of course it’s time.

Take social media for example.

Video is 5 times more popular than written word.


Because it takes too much time to read. Video is way quicker and a better use of your time.


So why then do you still take a week to get a date?

If you’re on a business trip to a new city and want a dinner date for the evening, you either have to plan ahead or for the most part you’re shit out of luck.

What if you’re just bored and want a new experience?

You may be in the moment but that is lost if you have to go on a dating site and spend several days going back and forth trying to get a date.

Tinder is also a swipe fest and whilst it’s awesome, it’s not instantaneous.

For this reason, above all, paid dating is the way forward. Especially for people with busy lives who want quick results.


This is where ProDate comes to the party and saves the day.

ProDate is one of the few sites online where you can browse local ladies (and some men) and get a date the same day.

Now of course you can’t expect to always get an immediate date with the girl of your dreams, she may be unavailable, but you should be able to get somebody close.

ProDate is also super easy to use.

See a girl, chat online or call her.

Her date fee is listed on the site, you agree to pay it, she agrees to date you.



Is paid dating demeaning?

We don’t think so at all.

Consider that all dates for the most part are paid for.

If you’re buying dinner, drinks and flowers you’re paying anyway.

And let’s face it, ladies go through a lot of time, effort and expense to look great for a date.

It’s not demeaning to show a little appreciation for their attention to detail.


Paid Dating is a Win Win

There are no losers only winners with paid dating.

You get a hot date super-fast without refection and time wasting, ladies get a little cash for nice new pair of shoes, handbag or whatever J

If you haven’t tried paid dating then give it a whirl, you’ll be amazed at how open-minded the majority of society is, it may just be you who thinks paid dating is unconventional, which is true, but that doesn’t make it any less in demand.


What are your thoughts on paid dating?

Have you ever paid for a date or would you consider paying for a date?

How about this, would you consider getting paid for a date?

Let us know what you think.


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