Sheri’s Ranch | A Legal Brothel near Las Vegas



If you are looking for a unique sensual experience, then make sure that Sheri’s ranch is added to your bucket list.

Sheri’s Ranch is a legal brothel in Nevada offering escort services near Las Vegas.

Unlike any other escort brothers in the area, Sheri’s brothel offers an upscale venue resort with immaculate themed rooms and bungalows, A sports bar to wind down, Tennis courts, a spa to relax and outdoor swimming pool facilities. They also provide Complimentary Transportation.

Fun Fact, Nevada is the only U.S state to legalise prostitution in a regulated brothel. However, regulated brothels are only legal in certain counties. Nevada State law prohibits prostitution in any county with a high population, such as Clark County which includes Las Vegas.

Sheri’s Ranch is the states only brother in Las Vegas that offers full sex service. Sheri’s is a state certified legal cathouse offering safe, discreet and an unforgettable experience. As a traveller, you WILL come back for more. The Ranch also won CWMC’s Brothel of the Year award in 2011 and 2012.

There is a line-up of ladies which gives you the ability to seek all of your dirty pleasures. The stunning ladies will supply you with passionate pleasure and spend some one-on-one quality time together.

Have a look below and scroll through the menu…

Experience Menu

Make Your Own Porn Movie! – Yes, you heard it

The Sex Tape Room at the Ranch is an automated production facility where clients and sellers use video cameras to film ‘that steamy’ moment – What a memory to hide in your man cave 😉

The room is equipped with four cameras capable of achieving a variety of angles, including point-of-view, all linked to a central computer activated by voice commands – so that your hands can be free to do… other things.

Variety of sex to choose from:

+ Half and Half (Variety blowjob and intercourse)

+ Girl on Girl

+ Threesome with the option to invite your partner in crime 😉

+ Full sex

+ Massages (Breast, Reciprocal Body Massage and of course, a happy ending).

+ Bubble Bath or shower party GFE (Girlfriend Experience)

+ Drag Queen Cross Dressing

+ Lingerie Fetish Show

+ Role Playing or Bondage/ BDSM Play Session

+ Adult Toy Show

+ Foot Fetish Party

You get to choose from a list of women, but trust me it’s hard…

Add Sheri’s ranch to your bucket list and please do share your experience with us.

We like the dirty deets….


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