Make More Money with Paid Dating

Make More with Paid Dating

Let’s face it, you’re on this site to make money.

Sure you enjoy adventure, nice dinners, drinks on the town and the idea of finding a nice guy is appealing, but it’s even more appealing if he has deep pockets.

Since launch in mid September ProDate has grown to hundreds of ladies in 5 countries with very little marketing, this proves there is demand for paid dating.

So how do you attract the right type of guy who wants to pay you for a date?


First off you need great pics.

There is no use putting up average pics and thinking you’re going to make $10K a month and earn $1K a date.

You’re living in a dream land.

Why would a successful guy choose you over the ladies on the site with great pics?

He wouldn’t.


Too many users think paid dating is easy money and live in some dream world where any pics will do.

That’s absolutely not the case.

You need to take pride in creating your image, just as you would if you were trying to create a successful Instagram account.

Guys want to see the best of you, not some half attempt pic with no makeup in a messy room.

Nobody wants to pay to date that girl, right?


So, where do you begin?

Firstly you don’t need to spend money on a photo shoot. Authentic pics work great.

You do however need to create a nice setting.

Here are some pro tips.

1. Hot Selfies

Hot selfies are the most popular pics on the site.

If you’re going to take a pic infant of a mirror, make a little effort to clear the surfaces of makeup bags, air fresheners and the like.

If you’re in your bathroom or bedroom, make sure it’s tidy.

If you can’t make the effort to present yourself in a good setting for your profile, what makes you think anyone wants to pay to date you?

Also try to selfies in good lighting.

Grainy pics look old and cheap, try avoid these.

Turn on the lights, add a few lamps, do whatever you need to do make sure there will be good lighting for great quality pics.

Selfies that get the most interest are of course sexy ones.

Pics in swimwear, gym gear, lingerie etc work very well.

You can even try tasteful topless pics if you really want to draw attention.


2. Outdoor Settings

Pics taken of you looking great in outdoor locations also do very well.

This creates the image that the guy who dates you is going to go out with a girl who looks great in public.

Every man wants a girl on his arm to make him look great in public, create that image for him.

Good locations for outdoor pics include nice hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs etc.

Pics at the beach in sexy bikini also win the day.

Use your imagination and remember you’re creating a fantasy for the buyer.

You want them to want to pay to date you.

The better the fantasy you create, the more you can get paid.


3. Seduction Wins

Say what you want but you’re not going to rewire men over night.

A sexy seductive pic will always create desire and make them want to pay top dollar for a date.

The trick here is in the eyes, the windows to the soul.

When taking a pic, try think of something that excites you and hopefully you can capture that moment in your image.



The more effort you put into creating great pics, the more money you stand to make with paid dating.

More and more wealthy men are joining ProDate looking for dates and travel companions.

In many cases guys want to spoil the girls and show off themselves a little by jetting off to exotic locations.

Your pics thus need to create this fantasy girl in their heads.

If you want to jet off to great locations that is.

Perhaps you only want dinner and a couple hundred bucks, the choice is yours.

Whatever your motivation for joining ProDate and making money dating rich or generous men, remember to put effort into creating great pics and you’ll earn more money for doing so.

If you need help with picture touch-ups let us know, we’re happy to help.

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