Hookup Sites vs Paid Dating

Hookup Sites vs Paid Dating

What is a Hookup?

Let me start off by answering this question for those of you who don’t know.

A hookup is a casual sexual encounter.

A one-night stand for example with no emotion or strings attached can be considered a hookup.

This is especially prominent in gay cultures where emotionless sex is more prevalent.

Take that hetero men, who’s jealous now 🙂


What is a Hookup Site?

As you can image, a hookup site is a place to go to arrange hookups, not that complicated.

These sites and apps have sprung up all over the place.

Popular sites include AdultFriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

These are good examples of hookup sites, arguably the best.


So then, now that you know the terminology and a few sites, what is a hookup site experience like?

To be honest this is not that far removed from a dating site experience, except that you’re not trying to land a date, you’re trying to land wild swinging, reverse cowgirl, double muffin strawberry surprise action with a tromboning.

Ok maybe not all that, but yes, you’re trying to arrange sex.

And with this comes the same set of challenges you have with a dating site…


You need to contact the user, initiate a chat, have a ton of back and forth, arrange a date and hopefully have chemistry.

It’s a decent amount of work for the average consumer.

Yes there are pro users who can do the talk, have the look and get a hookup faster than catching fish in a barrel, but it’s not the norm.

Don’t get me wrong, if you find a good hookup site and establish a strong reputation, you can get laid more often than one of Farmer Browns chickens, it’s just not common.

You also have another consideration…


You’re not always going to get the type of girl you may want.

It all sounds great on paper, like a nudist beach, but if you’ve been to any of those you’ll know that it’s not normally the girls you want to see that have their kit off.

It’s normally the ones on the wrong side of perky tits who have been ridden more than the town bicycle. That’s just the truth. The same applies to hookup sites for the most part.

So then, let’s talk Paid Dating…


First off yes, I am biased.

In my experience paid dating is just easier than a hookup site and the date quality is far superior.

Paid dating of course does not mean guaranteed sex, but it does mean a date with someone hot who is willing to get to know you over drinks etc.

This in my book is half the fun.

Who doesn’t like a good chase?


I would rather spend an evening with a hot model or similar, than with the hookup girl who gets banged more than a barn door.

If the evening goes well and I can connect on any level, odds are the ending will be happy, and that’s a damn sight more rewarding than a typically average hookup.

There’s also the consideration of time with paid dating.

It’s infinitely easier to get a paid date than arrange a quick quality hookup.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get a quick hot date than take a few days getting an average hookup.

Again, I am biased and love the initial chemistry and mystery of a date, especially if it’s with a super sexy model!



If you’re the type of guy who will have sex with anything that breathes, a hookup site is probably your best bet.

If you’re the type of guy who wants to get a date with a hot girl and then try convert, paid dating is your new best friend.

Enjoy paid dating.

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