Find Single Women to Date

Single Women to Date

If you’re looking for single women to date, especially in the US, then in our very biased opinion there is no easier way to find and date them. 

Guys let’s face it, at some point in your life you’re going to need a single woman for a date, or perhaps even just for an experience. 

The majority of dating sites online are going to require you to pay a membership to join – the good ones anyway – and then you have to play the dating game. 


What do I mean by dating game?

If you don’t know then let me fill you in. 

You’re going to reach out to a single woman you like, you’re going to either send her a wink, message or swipe notification that you’re interested. 

She’s then going to reply to you if you’re lucky. 

You’re going to chat back and forth for one to two weeks and then arrange a date. 

If your flirting game is strong you can perhaps get one sooner, but for the most part this is the game. 

Or you can try this…


Enter Paid Dating

Signup to ProDate for free. 

Browse single women in your area seeking men to date for a fee. 

Chat online or call them directly. 

Agree to their fee and date them. 

You can get a date the same day with paid dating. Yes it costs you money, but most good things do so what’s the problem?

You’re paying for an experience, stop complaining. And you’re probably going to get a date with a woman much hotter than you normally do, that by itself is worth the price. 


Browse Single Women in USA

With ProDate you can browse hundreds of single woman across the US and pay to date them. 

This is great when you’re away from home on vacation or travelling on business. 

You can strike up a conversation before leaving and guarantee a date when you get to your location. 

Alternatively if you’re in a big city, browse local single woman near you and get a date the same day. 


New Singles Added Daily

ProDate is the fastest growing paid dating site online and that means we add new single women daily. 

We add women from all major US cities, as well as Canada, Australia, UK and South Africa. 

Browse local ladies, chat to schedule and pay to date. 

It really could not be easier to find single women seeking men on ProDate. 



If you’re looking for a great dating experience try ProDate and find hot single women near you. 

Our ladies appreciate a man who is generous and understands the effort it takes to look great for a date. 

Show them you’re one of these men and we’re confident your date will have a happy ending. 

Check back weekly as ProDate is growing faster than any other paid dating site online.

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