Cape Town Escort Agency Review Guide

Cape Town Escort Agency Reviews

If you’re after a high-end escort agency in Cape Town, to be honest, you’re out of luck.

Cape Town is not like Germany, Holland or Asia where really upmarket escort agencies exist.

Here is a run-down on the state of the Cape Town escort scene for international travellers.

Escort Agencies

There are four escort agencies in Cape Town than we know of, but none are going to provide you with a high-end experience.

They may say they do, but the fact is compared to other large cities, it’s more of a middle of the road experience.

You may find a nice body but perhaps the face doesn’t quite live up to it. Or you may find a nice face with a good personality, but the body needs a few sit-ups.

This has been the overwhelming experience from punters we have polled.

If you’re ok with a mid-level experience, then the escort agencies you may want to visit are as follows:


Nauty 40

This agency is located in the Town City Centre and is close to major hotels, restaurants and bars etc.

The venue itself is decent and during the tourist season of December to February you can expect to find better quality escorts than during the low season.


The Embassy

The Embassy is located in De Waterkant in Cape Town and is perhaps a level down from Nauty 40 in terms of ambience. You can expect to find mainly African and Colored ladies here.


Chicago Gentleman’s Club

This is located in Bellville which is 20-30 minutes outside Cape Town City Centre by Uber. The reviews we have received to date have actually been good but there have not been many of them so it’s tough to give a full report.


High End Escorts

If it’s high-end escorts you’re looking for in Cape Town, then the independent agencies or escorts themselves are the way to go.

One word of caution is the old bait and switch trick.

Don’t be fooled by glamourous pictures only to find out the escort you hired is not as represented.

The high-end Cape Town escorts typically travel and are only in Cape Town from December to February for the busy tourist season.

Perhaps a better way to go is find a high-end date on this site and see where the evening takes you.


Where to Find Escorts

There are a few big escort listing sites in Cape Town which you can find with a Google search.

The better escorts tend to be on ESA or Sex Trader but because they are paid listing sites, you’ll need to browse a little to find them.

We estimate 10% of these Cape Town escorts are good to deal with.


Escort Seasons

The tourist season for international travellers attracts the high-end escorts to Cape Town.

This runs between early December and late March for the most part. The European holidays in April to May also see a slight bump in availability.

The weather during this period is excellent and you can enjoy many fine beaches like Camps Bay, Clifton and Llandudno in addition to superb restaurants and of course the many tourist attractions.


Cape Town Escort Rates

A good Cape Town escort will set you back between R1,500 – R2,500 ($100-$175) and the high-end girls will cost R4,000 – R10,000 ($275 – $800).

A massage experience is typically around R1,000 ($70).


How to Pay Cape Town Escorts

Escorts in Cape Town typically request payment in cash.

If the escort is part of an agency they may offer credit card facilities.

Keep in mind however that if you pay and the agency is doing the bait and switch scam you have very little chance of getting your money back.

We recommend only authorising the transaction when the escort arrives or pay in cash.


South African Escort Laws


It is legal to be an escort anywhere in the world, prostitution on the other hand is illegal, in South Africa anyway.

This is however not a greatly policed area but as always, proceed with caution and don’t for the love of a small donkey get an escort off the street.

South Africa has a high AIDS ratio and chances are high that a street escort could be infected.


Strip Clubs

In addition to the escort agencies I forgot to mention the strip club experience in Cape Town.

For this you want to head down to Mavericks on Barrack street.

Mavericks is a fairly reputable destination with a large selection of strippers and welcoming club layout.

There is however no sex in the champagne room, but it is fully nude, and the girls are rather talented.


If you have any information to provide on the Cape Town escort scene, please let us know and we will include it for our readers.

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