The Best Strip Club in Johannesburg

Best Strip Club in Johannesburg

We don’t need to pretend that businessmen don’t go to strip clubs when they’re away, we’re all mature adults here.

The question for an out of towner in South Africa’s biggest city however is, which strip club is the best in Johannesburg?

First off let me tell you than not only is it the best strip club in Jhb, it’s the best in Africa and in the Top 10 best I’ve been to worldwide.

That’s saying a lot because I’ve been to more than 100.

You may say I have a strip club fetish, and you wouldn’t be far off.

After all, who doesn’t like going out for a few drinks in the company of beautiful half naked women who will give you attention, fake or not.

Yes I know it’s often a money extraction game, but that’s true of going on a dinner date, a nightclub etc.

At least at a strip club you get to enjoy a relaxed environment, good music (hopefully), drinks and female entertainment.

But I digress, because it’s easy for me to get lost in strip club memories, I apologise 🙂


Back to the question, which strip club is the best in Jhb?

That’s most certainly without a doubt the strip club that offers a dining experience like no other, an oversized seating area to enjoy sports, a liquor and wine selection like nothing you’ve ever seen – I shit you not – and of course a great selection of super friendly ladies, ready to entertain you.

Yes ladies and gentleman, I’m talking about the club that boasts over 60 ladies a night, conveniently located near major hotels, convention centres, a 5-star shopping mall and fast highway access.

I’m talking about the club that no other can hold a match to, try as they like.

I’m talking about The Grand in Rivonia. (Sandton)


The legendary owner of this magnificent gentleman’s club knows the game better than any other.

In fact you’ll do well to find a better strip club setup anywhere in the world.

I’ve been to strip clubs in London that certainly have sexier women, thanks to the eastern Europe location, but never to a club this beautifully appointed.


From the time you enter you are made to feel at home.

A friendly host greets you and if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a VIP seating area, serves you drinks all night long with the biggest, prettiest smile on her face.

What’s more you can literally kick your shoes off and get a relaxing massage from the friendly Asian masseuses whilst sipping a cocktail and watching naked torsos wrap themselves around the featured pole onstage.

Ah yes my friends, if you are in Johannesburg (Sandton) and want the best strip club experience in Africa, there is only one choice.

Don’t believe any other hype, it’s exactly that.

Prove me wrong and I’ll buy you a private dance at the club of your choice.

So next time you’re in the city of gold, drop by and experience the greatest strip club not only in South Africa, but in all of Africa.

Tell them ProDate sent you 😉

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