The Best Escorts in Sandton

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Wether you live in Sandton or on a business trip, chances are you’ll eventually ask yourself…

Where are the best escorts in Sandton?

It’s a completely reasonable question and one you should know the answer to.

You don’t want to find yourself knee-deep in desire and the streetcar that pulls up is an old beater.

WTF you say?

In other words, you don’t want to be keen for a turn only to order an escort from a dodgy site and a minger pulls up.

You want a selection of the best escorts in Sandton to choose from.

So then, where can you find the sexiest ladies of the night…or day?

Right here on ProDate.

This very site boasts the top 10% of Sandton’s finest, including ladies from surrounding areas willing to travel.

You are not limited only to Sandton ladies of course, there are Fourways, Pretoria and Midrand escorts who would happily meet you nearby.


How Does it Work?

1. Select Sandton from Location
2. Browse Local Ladies
3. Contact & Date

You can chat to Sandton escorts via our messenger system or contact them via their WhatsApp numbers.

So that’s easy, now you know where to not only find the best escorts in Sandton, but also the best escorts in South Africa or worldwide for that matter.


How Much Does it Cost?

Like most cities worldwide, Sandton is no different, the price for escorts varies greatly from bottom to top.

Yes you can get an escort in Sandton for under R700, but don’t expect her to have all her teeth. Ok maybe that’s not fair, but understand you are risking engagement with a very promiscuous – and busy – lower end of the market….just saying.

For R1,000 to R2,000 you can expect a more pleasurable experience.

(it’s worth the extra few hundred)

In this bracket the ladies understand good hygiene and more often than not will arrive on time.

In the R2,000 to R4,000 bracket I have what I call the “Dateable’s”.

These are the type of girls that you can take to a nice restaurant or local bar, with full confidence they will present themselves accordingly.

Perfect for a Girlfriend Experience (GFE).

In the plus R5,000 bracket we have the type of escorts that are either currently models or were models…or could have been.

You know the type.

That “Oh my fuck she’s hot” type!

These escorts may not be in Sandton year round as they often travel to Cape Town or may be abroad in the Winter months.


How many girls are there?

Sandton is one of the wealthiest cities in Africa and the business district of South Africa, so naturally it possesses wealth and attracts beauty.

We have a wide selection of Sandton escorts with more joining weekly.

Browse the listings on and select Job or Sandton from the location menu.


What other cities in South Africa?

ProDate has listings for Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Natal areas.

We also have extensive listings for dates and escorts in major USA cities, Canada, Australia and The UK.

ProDate is free to use and screens escorts when they signup for your peace of mind.

ProDate is available on desktop and mobile.


Best Strip Club in Sandton

On a side note you may want to know where the best strip club in Sandton is.

The answer to that is very easy, it is The Grand on Rivonia Road.

If you have never visited The Grand, I highly recommend it.

The variety of food alone is worth the strip, let alone the eye candy floating about.


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