Best Countries to be an Escort

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The majority of countries on earth share a fairly backward thought process relating to the worlds oldest profession. 

There are however a handful of forward thinkers that have regulated the escort industry, and even provide health and social benefits as any white collar worker may receive.

We believe if more countries offered a legal, regulated industry for escorts, the industry would not be forced to go underground. 

By criminalising prostitution – as they did with liquor – you don’t remove demand, you simply force the game players into darker corners. 

If you’re truly concerned with being a humanitarian, this would bot be your solution. You can argue a conservative point of view all day long, the side effects of this strategy are still worse than regulation. 

So what countries have got it figured out?

Here are the top 5 countries where you can provide a safe escort service all day long. 

1. New Zealand

On a small island with more sheep the humans, the escort service is completed safe and regulated. 

Sex workers in New Zealand can operate in regulated brothels and receive public and health benefits like any other worker. 

This sort of forward thinking gets escorts on the low end off the streets and into safer environments where their personal risk is much lower. 


2. Australia

Anything New Zealand can do we can do better. 

Perhaps that’s the view from the land down under where being an escort gives you the same benefits as a teacher. 

That should irritate all you conservatives reading this blog, I just compared escorts to teachers. I can hear you cringing now with your red faces. 

Wake up honey, with that attitude your sheltered little Johnny might grow up to get caught with a trunk load of kiddie porn in his car. 

It’s worth noting that being an escort is not legal in all of Oz, it does vary from state to state. 


3. Germany

Oh the Germans know how to have a good time. 

Can you imagine combining the Oktoberfest with legal escorting services?

Germany is so advanced in this regard that there are even State run brothels!

And you thought Germany was conservative. 

Ha! They laugh in the face of the closed-minded US.


4. France

Ah yes, when in France you can drop your pants. 

The world’s most romantic city is surprisingly open minded for a socialist country. 

Take that democracy! 

You preach a big game but it’s really all about controlling personal freedom huh. 


5. The Netherlands

Rounding out our Top 5 is the Netherlands, famous for canals, beer, wooden shoes, big blunts and the Red Light District. 

The Netherlands has gone as far as to make finding an escort a simple window shopping experience. 

Whats that you say, stroll down a street and pick from a display?

Sounds crude but it is what it is. 



There are of course a few other countries like Greece, Belgium, Canada and Denmark where you can enjoy a fine escort experience on your night out or business trip, we’ll review them in due course. 

What are your thoughts on providing a legal escort frame work?

Do you agree that legal is better for all those involved, or have we missed some vital piece of information only you and two friends know?

Share your comments below if you dare 🙂

Just kidding, we’re pro free speech. 

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